Criticize me!

2013-09-15 05:05:19 by vijamoga

I don't know if many people are viewing this but, if you do take it into consideration.

I'd appreciate if you put any critic into my work. As I've been self-taught in drawing my whole life, it's harder to me to appreciate my own fails so feel free to highlight the things you consider I should improve, or stop doing, or change, or whatever.

I strongly believe that learning from failures is the best way to improve, but sometimes are other people who have to show you where are you committing mistakes so, either your opinion/critic is good or bad, please make it constructive.

Thanks & see you

What's up?

2013-08-23 10:55:04 by vijamoga

Just arrived here thanks to Sir Roland (if you like his stuff, tell him I recommended it to you)

Investigating now the site to discover everything in here to be found and enjoyed!
I also hope you'll like my stuff (once it is submitted)