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Currently finishing my Degree Project to become a M.D. in Industrial Engineering. Always surrounded by art, both for pleasure and as a hobby. I don't even remember when was the first time I grabbed a pencil and start drawing, but I am glad I never stopped

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One thing I noticed about your work is, that you need to focus on where the light source is coming from. For example in your picture 'Stressless'. The sun is standing low behind the city but the old man in the foreground as well as the tree look as if the sun is coming from the front/right.

http://sta.sh/029k719axng1 (Sorry, have no tablet atm, so could only make smaller modifications)

From where the man is sitting, he should be way darker, having only a light 'outline' where the sun is shining upon him from the back. That brings me to another point: Contrast and lightness. To make a picture 'read', it needs darker as well as lighter areas and focal points. Looking at the picture above your main 'subject' is the old man in the front, but there is no real focal point on the entire picture because all colors have about the same lightness. If you look at the modified version, the background is very light while the front is very dark. At the same time, in the front there are these 'light outlines', which make the man pop out a bit stronger. -> The entire picture has a light and a dark fore and background and the contrasts of the subjects that are closer to the front are higher (Light AND Dark) to give an atmospheric look. You are already doing a very good job with concepts: What is placed how and where on the picture. All you need to do now to make your pictures give a strong impression is modify their focal points with contrast. On 'Tears in the Rain' you are already doing a very good job in this. Your focus point (the girl) is dark, but the area she stands in front of is very light -> She has a strong contrast to her background and stands out. Usually what you need is a Dark Area, Light Area and a Mid Tone Area for a good and balanced picture composition. Again: You are doing the placing of the objects and subject matters really well already! Now you only need to tweak on your way to chose light or dark colors. On your Tears in the Rain Picture you basically did that already. Maybe place the girl a little lower so she isn't blending into the dark, popping out more. http://sta.sh/0k8alawoujn (Again, no tablet, sorry)

For anatomical practice, try drawing people without clothing. Cloths can hide a LOT and drawing bare bodies (or people in underwear) doesn't let you hide these mistakes, you are confronted with them instead.

All in all good work though!!

Thank you so much for your opinion!
I know that light focusing is one of my weaknesses (colouring is another one, but they are quite related so this might be an important point to improve), and believe that I try to put a great effort in it in every new picture.

I will take your corrections as guidance for my following works.

ps: There is no need to apologize for not having your tablet available, the important thing is that you've been able to make me know your suggestions, so thanks again. In addition, you have made example pics so, what else would I want you to do?? It's perfect like this.